What are our clients saying about Fear Free?

Pet Parents with Dogs

Jessica Franke & Gizmo
“Gizmo usually shakes at his vet visits and did at the beginning but during the visit got very comfortable and was even wagging his tail and jumped on the chair showing he was very comfortable. This was his first visit using the [Adaptil] ribbon. It definitely seemed to help!”

Ana Schroeder & Max
“The [Adaptil] spray worked great.  After 5 minutes he was calm and happy. He didn’t shake anymore.  Very happy with the results.”

Richard Kopp & Kobe
“After about five minutes at vet she calmed quite a bit. Was impressed.”

Stephanie Magelky & Stevie
“The clinic provided Stevie with a calming scarf which helped Stevie relax.  He managed the waiting room, exam, shots, nail trim, and anal glands.  Everyone was helpful, kind, & professional.”

Nancy Odney & Sam
“Huge difference for my ‘wild man’ Sam.  He pulls me into the clinic and is wild and smells the fabrics [treated with pheromones] and calms down a lot!”

Pet Parents with Cats

Jan Kaspari & Zoe
“Zoe calmed down with use of pheromones sprayed on towel which was placed over her kennel.  I will use prior to her next vet visit.”

Dawn Lexvold with Sarah & Emily
“The Feliway towels worked great to soothe both of my cats upon arrival at the vet.  Appreciate it!”

Philip Henry & Mac
“Mac fell asleep during our visit- a first!  We have installed [Feliway] defusers and he seems a little more relaxed and has been less whinie.  Thank you!”

Lori Wadeson with Joey & Chandler
“Fell asleep inside carrier.”

Ginger Mitchell & Bob Marley
“Fear Free seems to work very well with Bob.  He was much calmer when the towel [treated with pheromones] is given at our visits. We have had two visits with Fear Free.”

Diedra Dick & Pacey
“The Feliway blanket helped keep Pacey calmer before and during his appointment.  His demeanor was much more relaxed than other visits.”

Ashley Zeltinger with Oaklie & Roxie
“The Feliway towel provided at the clinic for Oaklie I think absolutely worked.  He has never been more calm while at the vet.  This, I believe, made his exam more easy & stress free.  Thank you! I will definitely purchase this product for future visits.”

Kevin Davis & Spitz
“One of the ladies at Front Desk were helpful in providing a towel [treated with Feliway] to help my cat at ease and calm her down. I didn’t know that would help.”