We have a fully equipped surgical suite. Having this suite enables us to perform complex as well as routine surgeries. If you are a new client, we must see your pet prior to surgery to complete a presurgical exam.

Surgical tools and practices at Animal Health Clinic:

Upon arrival all surgical pets receive a premedication that includes a sedative and a pain medication. This premedication is tailored to each individual pet for safety. They are placed in a heated cage and monitored until their surgery.

Presurgical bloodwork is available for all surgical patients. Since we have an in-house laboratory, this blood work can be completed the same day of surgery.

We use gas anesthesia for our surgical patients. While under anesthetic all patients are closely monitored by a licensed veterinary technician from the start of anesthesia until they are completely recovered.

Instruments used to monitor our patients include a pulse oximeter and a Vetspecs which monitors the patient’s oxygen level, carbon dioxide level, blood pressure, heart rate and EKG.

All surgery is performed in our surgical suite, using a new sterile surgical pack for each patient.

The surgical laser is available for use for most surgical procedures and has the advantage of sealing blood vessels, lymphatics and nerves as it cuts leading to less swelling, pain and bleeding.

All surgical patients recover in our heated kennels. They are monitored in these kennels by their assigned Licensed Veterinary Technician until they are completely recovered.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment or talk to any of our staff with any questions or concerns.