Referral Surgery

Animal Health Clinic is pleased to introduce Dr. Calvin Kobluk, BSc, BSA, DVM, DVSc, Diplomate ACVS. He is a board certified surgeon that will travel to our clinic for surgeries that we cannot perform ourselves.

Dr. Kobluk graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1978. After completing his residency in the Twin Cities he went on to become board certified in large and small animal surgery. In 1995, Dr. Kobluk and his family moved to California where he worked as a full time professor helping to develop the veterinary school in Pomona. He also worked for the All Care Animal Referral Center in California until returning to Minnesota in 2001. He then pursued further education by becoming a board certified orthopedic surgeon, specializing in TPLO surgery.
Dr. Kobluk practices in St. Cloud, and travels to over 60 practices throughout the upper-Midwest performing orthopedic surgeries.