Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is a noninvasive treatment to aid in reducing pain, inflammation and speeds the healing process.

The therapeutic laser uses a beam of light to penetrate tissue without damaging it. This light induces a biological response in the cells leading to a multitude of beneficial responses. These responses include increasing energy production within the cells, decreasing pain perception, increasing vascular activity and decreasing inflammatory mediators to name just a few.

There are a number of areas where the laser would be recommended including to minimize post-surgical pain or to help with the pain and inflammation of acute injuries or conditions such as ear infections or fractures. It can also help with chronic pain associated with arthritis.

Treatment protocols are unique to each patient and condition. Many times laser therapy can be used to enhance other treatment plans recommended by your veterinarian. Chronic conditions may require regular treatments, weekly to monthly, to maintain the desired effect. Therefore, treatment packages are available to purchase.

We are excited to offer this aid and have been quite satisfied with its results.