Fargo veterinary services – delivered with courtesy and respect!

Animal Health Clinic is committed to Fear Free practices and AAHA standards. We require all pets to be on a leash or carrier to protect the safety of everyone.

Upon check in you and your pet will be greeted by one of our friendly Front Office Support Specialists. We love giving treats to pets, so please let us know if there are any allergies we should be aware of. As part of our Fear Free practices, we use species-specific pheromones to produce a calming effect in your pet. Cats will receive a Feliway treated towel to drape over the carrier, and dogs will receive a bandana treated with Adaptil for their collar. To pick up pheromones to use before your visit (highly recommended), just stop in and ask for a Fear Free Visit Sample Kit.

Shortly after check-in, a medical team member will escort you and your pet to one of eight exam rooms. You will hear calming music playing softly in the background, and our species-specific exam rooms will already be pre-treated with pheromones. Your pet will be weighed, the Veterinarian will come in, and any treatments will be performed either in the exam room or in the treatment area. Along with our DVMs, we have Appointment Assistants, Licensed Veterinary Technicians, and Animal Care Assistants that may be involved in your pet’s care. As previously mentioned, we use treats to help make your pet’s visit Fear Free. Please let us know if you or your pet has any allergy.

We are your partner in your pet’s health, and we will help educate you on any fear, anxiety, or stress signs your pet is exhibiting and on ways to alleviate or prevent it. We are proud to have Fear Free certified professionals on our team and are dedicated to caring for your pet’s emotional well-being as well as his or her physical well-being.

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